Sometimes my desire to have the treasuries return to the world of comics is so great that I use my love of designing to put together my own Treasuries That Never Were. My first one, for Superman Returns, has (to me) a clearly logical sales rationale for their actually being such a book, others, like the Aquaman one, is entirely because I would've wanted to see one made.

I've been lucky enough that other people, like Back Issue! editor Michael Eury, also like them, and he has generously run them in his magazine. Whether they run in BI or not, I plan to create more of them, to see--if only for the people who visit this site--that the treasury format still could be a viable format for comics. So watch this page!

Limited Collectors' Edition #C63 - 2006 and In My Dreams

Did I fool anyone for a half-second?

Of course, this book doesn't exist. But damn it, it should!

This is my little indulgence (as if this whole site isn't an indulgence!), working up an imaginary issue of All-New Collectors' Edition to commemorate the Superman Returns movie. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I really believe if DC started doing books like these again, and got them in front of kids, they'd be big sellers, especially if they were tied into the big comic-book movies hitting theatres recently (I still say a treasury comic filled with Batman vs. Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul story reprints would've made a tidy profit back in 2005).

Design-wise, I tried to tamp down my normal instincts to make things look as exciting as possible, and keep this looking as similar to the previous Superman movie treasury comics as possible.

Unfortunately, DC never gave me a real one to replace this with...

Rollover to see the back cover! I'm that obsessive!

Update: In Back Issue! #23, there was an article about movie adaptations in comics, specifically the Superman movies. Of course, Superman: The Movie and Superman II received the treasury comic deluxe treatment(even though they were about the movies, not comic book versions of them)but by the time Superman III and Superman IV came along, the treasuries were no more.

So I sent in a letter(as I always do) and mentioned to editor and all-around swell guy Michael Eury that I had whipped up my own treasury cover for the movie, and he liked it so much he ran in it the letter column of Back Issue! #25. Wow!

Limited Collectors' Edition C54 - 2007

Once again, our friends over at TwoMorrows' Back Issue! have given a shout-out.

About a year ago, I whipped up a faux Aquaman treasury comic cover for The Aquaman Shrine because...well, to cross-promote, of course, but mainly because DC never did bother to give Aquaman his own treasury edition(had to make room for one more Rudolph, I suppose).

So when I heard BI editor Michael Eury was cover-featuring the Sea King for an upcoming issue, I sent him the cover, since he liked my faux Superman Returns one so much(which ran in BI #25, see above). Thankfully, he liked this one just as much and it ran in issue #27. But not only did he run it, but he plugged the site and gave us a nice compliment. Many thanks, Michael!

Limited Collectors' Edition C65 - 2008

The newest Back Issue! focuses on Teen Heroes, so I thought I'd give another set of DC heroes who deserved the Treasury Treatment but never got one their own collection--The Teen Titans!

I imagined this one coming out in the early 1980s, just as Marv Wolfman and George Perez's New Teen Titans book was fast becoming DC's best-selling, trend-setting title. With all the stories to pick from, stretching back to the early 1960s, putting together a solid, exciting set of TT stories for a treasury book would've been an easy task.

Once again, I'm grateful to BI editor Michael Eury for including my faux-treasury cover in the issue, accompanying the main article.


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