Wednesday Comics #1 - 7/8/2009

Wednesday Comics was the brainchild of DC Art Director Mark Chiarello and was DC's "summer event" 2009--it consisted of 12 weekly issues, that unfolded like a Sunday Comics supplement so that each page was a whopping 14x20" big!

Each issue of the series contained the same twelve strips by the same creative teams:

Batman by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso

Kamandi by Dave Gibbons and Ryan Sook

Superman by John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo

Deadman by Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuck

Green Lantern by Kurt Busiek and Joe Quinones

Metamorpho by Neil Gaiman and Mike Allred

Teen Titans by Eddie Berganza and Sean Galloway

Strange Adventures by Paul Pope

Supergirl by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanada Conner

Metal Men by Dan Didio, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, and Kevin Nowlan

Wonder Woman by Ben Caldwell

Sgt. Rock by Adam Kubert and Joe Kubert

The Flash by Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher

The Demon and Catwoman by Walt Simonson and Brian Stelfreeze

Hawkman by Kyle Baker

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Wednesday Comics #2 - 7/15/2009


Wednesday Comics #3 - 7/22/2009


Wednesday Comics #4 - 7/29/2009


Wednesday Comics #5 - 8/5/2009


Wednesday Comics #6 - 8/12/2009


Wednesday Comics #7 - 8/19/2009



Wednesday Comics #8 - 8/26/2009


Wednesday Comics #9 - 9/2/2009


Wednesday Comics #10 - 9/9/2009

Wednesday Comics #11 - 9/16/2009


Wednesday Comics #12 - 9/23/2009


Wednesday Comics Collected Edition - 2010

In May 2010 DC released the collected edition of Wednesday Comics, measuring at a whopping 11x18", preserving the giganticosity of the original strips.

In addition to reprinting all the series in order of how they ran originally, this collected book features an intro by series editor Mark Chiarello, artist sketches, preliminary logo treatments for the series, and two bonus strips: Plastic Man by Evan Dorkin and Stephen DeStefano, and The Creeper by Keith Giffen and Eric Canate.

Both strips are self-contained one-page stories, commissioned to run just in case someone missed a deadline. Luckily for everyone involved, that didn't happen so they got saved as a treat to those of us who sprang for this deluxe edition.

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