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Foreign Treasury Ads

Courtesy Treasury Hunter Rogerio Baldino come super-cool treasury ads from foreign editions! Thanks as always Rogerio!

PANINI "Here are the Brazillian ads that Panini released at the time they launched the last two Alex Ross' treasuries and JLA: Heaven's Ladder. An interesting note:30 years after EBAL published its first DC treasury ads in a Marvel comic book, Panini did the same thing.

All these ads were taken from Spider-Man and X-Men magazines. After all this time, almost nothing has changed about the way the brazillian publishing companies do their marketing."

(Side note: I absolutely love the second Secret Origins ad--I think it's even nicer looking than the book's cover!--Rob.)

EBAL Says Rogerio: "I took those 3 ads from the inside covers of Homem-Aranha (Spider-Man), one of the B&W comic books that EBAL published at that time.

Hey...DC ads in a Marvel comic book?Since EBAL was the owner of the rights of both publishers in Brazil in the early 70's, I assume they thought their audience would buy all the DC and Marvel comics anyway. As a matter of fact, in 90% of the cases, they were right."

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