Foreign Treasuries - France

France is, along with Brazil, the foreign country that has published the most DC treasury editions in the world.

Sagedition Back in the 70s, a French publisher called "Sagedition"launched several DC treasuries almost immediately after the original editions came out in the USA. Like EBAL in Brazil, Sagedition gave preference to the treasuries with original material.

Sagedition published in the treasury format--"Grand" format in France--the following books:- Superman Contre Spider-Man (1976), Superman Contre Cassius Clay(1978), Superman Contre Wonder Woman (1978), Superboy Et La Legion Des Superheros (1979), Superman Le Film (1979), and Superman Contre Shazam! (1980).

Now this is interesting: In 1981, Sagedition published, in Grand format, a book that--as far as I know--has never been published in that size in any other country, including the USA: The Untold Legend of the Batman #s 1-3, called La Legende Inconnue De Batman! Sagedition also publsihed in magazine size--"Format Normal" in France--two other treasuries: Superman Contre Flash (1979), and Batman Contre Hulk (1982).

Le Temeraire In 1999, a company called Le Temeraire published the first of the Alex Ross/Paul Dini treasuries. It was called Superman: Paix Sur Terre and it's in hardcover.

Soleil Productions Soleil Productions was reponsible for the next three Ross/Dini books, all in hardcover as well: Batman: Guerre Au Crime, Shazam!: Lutte Pour L'Espoir, and Wonder Woman: Verite Triomphante. They also republished Superman: Paix Sur Terre. That same year, they also published a hardcover edition of JLA: Heaven's Ladder called JLA: Ascension.

Semic Books Semic Books was the last publishing company to launch French versions of the Ross/Dini books, and in 2004 they published JLA: Justice Et Liberte in softcover. Their version of Superman/Fantastic Four was published with the subtitle Destruction Ultime.

Fun Facts!: In 1978, Muhammad Ali was better known by his Christian name in France, and that's why the French version of All-New Collector's Edition C56 is called Superman Contre Cassius Clay.

Each Soliel edition of Batman: Guerre Au Crime and Superman: Paix Sur Terre has an extra art gallery at the end of the book: the original paintings that compose, one by one, the holographic covers of the Superman Forever and Batman: No Man's Land one-shots. 'Nuff said, and au revoir, mon amis!

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Update 6/2/06 As far as I know, this recently-found Sagedition 'Grand format' Buck Rogers treasury reprints Marvel's movie adaptation!

New! Just added is a cover scan of a recent, smaller edition of the Batman vs. Hulk treasury comic!

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