Foreign Treasuries - Germany

After Brazil and France, we continue our "journey" around the globe, searching for foreign DC and Marvel treasuries.

Ehapa Ehapa Verlag or Ehapa Comics was the first company to release the DC treasuries in Germany during the 70s. Again, the preference for original material was evident. Ehapa published in the treasury format (Groß format in German) the following books--Superman Gegen Super-Spider (1976), Superman Gegen Muhammad Ali (1978), and Superman Der Film (1979).

Dino In 1999, Panini Comics--under the banner of Dino Comics--was responsible for the relaunch of Superman Gegen Spider-Man and published other DC treasuries that remained--as far as I know--in print since the 70s and 80s, like Batman Vs. Der Unglaubliche Hulk, and The Amazing Spider-Man Und Superman.

Like the reprints of Marvel/DC classics in the 90s, those editions were no longer in the treasury format. Dino also published in 2000 a hardcover version of Superman/Fantastic Four called Superman/Die Fantastischen Vier.

Carlsen Comics Carlsen Comics released the first two Dini/Ross books in softcover and hardcover editions: Superman: Friede Auf Erden (1999), and Batman: Krieg Dem Verbrechen (2000).

Panini Panini Comics is an international publishing company based in Italy that owns the rights to publish DC and Marvel comics in several foreign countries today, including Germany. Panini launched the Dini/Ross books Shazam!: Die Macht Der Hoffnung (2001), Wonder Woman: Der Geist Der Wahrheit (2002), JLA: Secret Origins (2003), JLA: Freiheit Und Gerechtigkeit (2004), all in both soft-and hardcover editions.

Panini also released JLA: Heaven's Ladder (SC & HC) in 2001 and third version of Superman Vs. Spider-Man in 2005(!).

Fun Facts!: The movie stills at left bottom of the front cover of Superman Der Film are completely different from the ones on the cover of the original American edition. They are great too, but I wonder why they were changed...? Anyway, Jor-El and his family never looked so happy!

This is cool: the hardcover edition of JLA: Secret Origins comes with a wraparound dust jacket featuring the famous JLA line-up piece created by Alex Ross. Nice! (Editor's Note: Droooool.--Rob)

Herum bis, meine freunde!

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