Foreign Treasuries - Spain

Over the years, all the foreign publishers that released ther versions of the DC treasury editions gave priority to books with original stories instead of reprints. In Spain, it was no different.

They had a good reason for that. "Original" treasuries like Superman vs. Spider-Man, or Superman vs. Muhammad Ali could be more expensive to publish beacuse of the rights, but they were far more attractive for the readers to buy.

We must not forget that the treasuries were--and still are--a strange and unusual format for a comic book for most of the industry--in any part of the world. Most of the publishers around the world were--or are--afraid of the risks involved in the production of such books.

Valenciana Editorial Valenciana was the first Spanish publisher to try the treasury format based on DC characters. In 1976, they published their version of Limited Collectors' Edition C25, called Album Gigante--Batman 1976.

Novaro Actually, Editorial Novaro was a Mexican publishing company that expanded its operations to Spain and launched the spanish editions--they call it Gran Formato--of Superman vs. Spider-Man, Superman vs. Muhammad Ali in 1978 and Superman vs. Wonder Woman in 1979.

Ediciones Zinco In 1981, Ediciones Zinco published their version of Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk. It was called Batman vs. La Masa (!). Yes, the Hulk was known as La Masa in Spain. Another company, Editorial Bruguera, published an edition of the second Superman vs. Spider-Man book in 1981. (Editor's Note: Love that reworked cover--Rob!)

Norma Editorial In 2000, Norma Editorial released Superman: La Paz En La Tierra, and Batman: Guerra Contra El Crimen. In 2002, they published Shazam: El Poder De La Esperanza, and Wonder Woman: El Spiritu De La Verdad. As far as I know, they are the last of the Ross/Dini books to be published in Spain. JLA: Secret Origins and JLA: Liberty and Justice remain "in edit." That's sad...

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