Spider-Man "Weather Forecast: Danger" - 1976

Just when I thought it was over...

I had assumed, since I never saw any evidence to the contrary, that the only Whitman books in their "Giant Comics to Color" treasury-sized series were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam!

But I found this little gem on Ebay, so now I'm wondering whether Whitman did any more featuring Marvel heroes. I mean, they had to have, right? If they bothered to license Spidey, chances are there are also ones of Hulk, maybe even the FF or Captain America. I have yet to be able to find any evidence of their existence, but, up until last week, I didn't know this existed either. Great! Just when I thought I could call this Marvel section complete, here's another whole run of books for me to look for.

Who am I kidding? I love this stuff...

Captain America "The Challenge of Super Sport" - 1976

So, once I discovered the Spider-Man "Giant Comics to Color" coloring book, I figured there had to be a few more in this series. And I was right, having just found this little beauty on ebay a short time ago. Cap looks a little angry to me, I wonder why. I guess 1976 would've been the best possible year for Captain America merchandise, right?

On the back cover of these are cut-out masks of the character. The kid who first had this book didn't, thankfully, cut out the mask, but he did draw in an earring on Cap! This kid was ahead of his time, and also probably beat up a lot. (I know it was a he since he inscribed the inside cover with the phrases "I am Steve Carter" and "Steve Carter is awesome!")

Now that I've found Spider-Man and Captain America books, there must at least be a Hulk one around, right?

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