Marvel Treasury Special #1 - Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag - 1974

In addition to its Marvel Treasury series, Marvel would put out the occasional one-shot self-titled treasury special. Why Marvel felt the need to do this, as opposed to just incorporating them into Marvel Treasury, is anyone's guess. This was published at almost the same time as Marvel Treasury #1.

Stories include "Have Yourself a Sandman Little Christmas", "In Mortal Combat with the Sub-Mariner", "...And To All a Good Night", "The Hulk vs. the Thing", and "The Avengers Take Over!" In "Mortal Combat", Daredevil takes on Namor. Good thing for Matt it took place in his book, otherwise it would've been a very quick fight.

Reprinted from Marvel Team-Up #1, Daredevil #7, Fantastic Four #s 25&26, and Amazing Adventures #5.

100 pages.

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Marvel Treasury Special - Captain America's Bicentennial Battles - 1976

Finally Cap gets his own treasury edition! Cap was in danger of being beaten by Battlestar Galactica in the treasury-comics wars. This was an all-new celebration of the bicentennial by Jack "King" Kirby, starring that superpowered sentinel of liberty, Captain America!

Sorry. Got carried away there.

Anyway, this is a really fun story where ol' Cap travels through time, courtesy of a character named Mister Buda(!).

Inkers for Kirby on this issue were Herb Trimpe, John Romita, and Barry Smith, of all people. Barry inks the opening chapter, where Cap goes back to the 40s to fight Nazis. And as incompatible as though art styles might seem, I think it actually looks really sharp.

Also features some pin-ups of Captain Americas from different haven't lived until you've seen the Red Skull as a "Hessianazi."

84 pages.

New! Courtesy Jack Kirby Collector #s 34 & 48, click here to the King's original pencils to this book's front and back covers and table of contents pages! Notice the changes of the background elements between the front cover's pencils and final version.

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Special Collector's Edition #1 - Savage Fists of Kung Fu - 1975

Not only did Shang-Chi get his own treasury comic (Ironman, The X-Men, Nick Fury, and Daredevil never did), he got his own special one-shot! This was one of those treasuries I must have missed as a kid, for when I accidentally came across it on ebay I was totally shocked (I'm easily shocked).

Stories include "The Master Plan of Fu Manchu" (written by my pal Tony Isabella; you can read some background info on this in an interview with Tony on the Articles page), "Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu", "Sons of the Tiger", and yet another story just called "Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu". The Tiger tale features rare Marvel art by Dick Giordano, with other art by John Buscema, Alan Weiss, Frank McLaughlin, and Jim Starlin.

Oddly, instead of the traditional cover gallery, the inside covers provide covers to some of British Marvel weeklies that featured Shang-Chi. Huh?

Anyway, a neat volume, with a beautiful cover by what looks like Gil Kane and John Romita. Nice colors, nice design.

84 pages.

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Marvel Special Edition #1 - The Spectacular Spider-Man - 1975

Another collection oif Spidey's greatest battles!

Stories include: "The Sinister Six!", "Face to Face with the Lizard", and "The Molten Man Regrets." All by the classic team of Stan "The Man" Lee and Steve "The Angry Man" Ditko. Also features a Spidey family pin-up by Romita.

Reprints from Amazing Spider-Man #s 6,35, and Annual #1. This was also one of the first treasury covers that had flipped-image covers--what you saw on the front, you saw reversed on the back. I cringe at how much a pain that must have been to draw.

84 pages.

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