Spidey: All-New Marvel Treasury Edition - 2016

After more than thirty years, Marvel released a new treasury-sized comic in June 2016, reprinting Spidey #s 1-3 and Spider-Man #s 1-2.

The giant pages really work well for Nick Bradshaw's art, which features tremendous spalsh pages of Spider-Man in action. Both series are family-friendly, making them the perfect material for a treasury edition. It's a vert handsome volume, the perfect kind of thing to give a young kid who has maybe seen the Spider-Man movies and wants to read a comic. There are a few spare pages Marvel chose to fill with Spidey logos (as opposed to, say, actual content), but that's a very minor nitpick. This is a really solid book.

Both series of reprints end in the middle of a continued story, which gives me hope that Marvel intends to do more of these. I'm choosing to be optimistic, which is why I'm giving this book it's own page here on the site. I hope to fill it up with more Marvel Treasury Editions soon!

120 pages.

Update August 2016: More Marvel treasuries are coming in 2017!

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