Marvel Treasury #14 - 1977

Finally Spidey gets a second treasury! This is a great collection from Amazing Spider-Man #s 100-102, where Spidey takes on Morbius and the Lizard, with sensational Gil Kane art.

It also reprints Not Brand Ecch #6, by Gary Frederich and Marie Severin, where all the conventions of the Spider-Man universe were tweaked in seven jam-packed pages. You gotta love how Marvel put this all under one roof.

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #15 - 1977

Conan gets his third treasury comic! Jeez, if he was so popular, why wasn't it Conan SuperStories?

Anyway, the great stories are "The Song of Red Sonja", "Night of the Dark God, "Black Colossus", plus some sizzling Red Sonja pin-ups by Estaban Moroto, Dick Giordano, and, IMHO, the best Sonja artist ever, Frank Thorne. Story art by Barry Smith, Gil Kane and Neal Adams, and John Buscema and Alfredo Alcala.

Mitra! This comic is heaven sent!

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #16 - 1977

Let me get this straight---the friggin' Defenders got a treasury comic before Captain America?

Stories include "Day of the Defenders", "The New Defender", "For Sale--One Planet, Slightly Used", a two-page pin-up by some guy named Keith Giffen, and a schematic of the "Defenders Long Island Hang-Out"--not quite as impressive as, say, The Baxter Building, but I guess Long Island is good, too...

Reprints Defenders #s 1, 4, 13, and 14.

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #17 - 1977

Another collection of Hulk adventures! This book features some stories from my all-time favorite era of the Hulk comic: "Within the Swamp, There Stirs a Glob!", "Among Us Walk the Golem", "Cry, Hulk, Cry Havoc", and "Frenzy on a Far-Away World."

The "Cry Havok" story is my my all-time favorite tale, where Hulk confronts former X-Man Havok out in the desert. There was a part where Hulk actually rips off an entire section of a mountain. Penciller Herb Trimpe cut wide for the shot, and it really showed off the massive feat the Hulk was pulling off. Seeing the page in the even-bigger treasury size made it work even better!

Reprinted from Incredible Hulk #s 121, 134, 150, and ? (the issue box is obscured by a balloon on the cover gallery!)

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #18 - 1977

It's right around here that the Spidey treasuries really start to stack up. This is a neat collection of Spidey team-ups from Marvel Team-Up.

Spidey teams with the X-Men, Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, and Iron Fist. In particular, there's a villain in the Ghost Rider story named the Orb. He was deformed in an accident, and the reveal panel showing him without his mask has got to be one of the most gruesome panels in any code-approved comic. It made me shiver when I was a kid, yet I couldn't look away!

It also features some really fun "puzzle pages" seemingly drawn by Marie Severin, (again where Marvel goofs on itself and its style of comics), plus a photo gallery of shots from the Spider-Man TV show.

Great, moody covers by Bob Budiansky and Eernie Chan.

84 pages.

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Courtesy Treasury Hunter Jeff Jaworski, comes this quote by artist Bob Budiansky about this book's cover: "The Band on the Run cover! I don't know if you realize that was the original inspiration for that cover--Paul McCartney's Band on the Run album cover. It was former Marvel Editor Jim Salicrup's idea."


Marvel Treasury #19 - 1978

Yet another Conan treasury. This was unusual, as it does feature reprints, but they are from Savage Sword of Conan #s 4 & 6, but for the first time in color. Story art by John Buscema and Alex Nino.

It also has a neat selection of pin-ups of Conan and...Red Sonja. Hubba hubba.

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #20 - 1979

Obviously the Hulk TV show led Marvel to basically turn this title into Spiderman and/or Hulk Treasury. Features two two-part stories from the comic: "Klaatu! The Behemoth from Beyond Space!", "The Stars, Mine Enemy!", "Sanctuary", and "The Monster and the Madman", where Dr.Doom decides to expand the list of Marvel heroes who have kicked his tin-plated butt.

Reprinted from Incredible Hulk #s 136,136, 143, and 144, plus some all-new pin-ups.

This was the first of several Marvel treasuries that had a small box on the front cover (bottom right), that says: "Mr.Retailer for display announcement, see page 20." That used to bug me, since it seemed like...can't Marvel issue a friggin' memo to their customers? You actually have to stick it on top of the comic itself? What's next? Have Hulk just say "Grr! Dumb retailer find tiny words!" in the middle of fighting the Abomination?

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #21 - 1979

Collecting the sprawling four-issue story that started off with "The Horror That Walks on Air!" featuring the FF, Galactus, The Silver Surfer, Gabriel, Gen.Thunderbolt Ross, and Richard Nixon (gee, Galactus doesn't seem so bad now). Solid art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

Reprints Fantastic Four #s 120-123.

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #22 - 1979

"Marvel's TV Sensation!"--well, sort of.

More Spidey team-ups! "The Spider and the Sorcerer!' (Spidey and Dr.Strange), "The Coming of Stegron the Dinosaur Man!" (Spidey and Ka-Zar), "Dinosaurs on Broadway!" (Spidey, Ka-Zar, and Black Panther), "The Granite Sky" (Spidey and Captain America), plus a crazy 3-page story featuring Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and John Romita called "Here We Go A-Plotting!"

Plus a pin-up of...the Daily Bugle offices? Without Spidey anywhere in sight? As Marvel admits: "Or, what would you do if you had an extra page to fill up and nothing to put on it?"

Reprinted from Marvel Team-Up #s 13,19, 20, and ? (damn those Cover Gallery blurbs!)

84 pages.

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From Treasury Hunter Robert McKinney: "The missing issue number is Marvel Team-Up # 21. Great website. Lots of fun! Thanks, and keep up the good work!"

Thanks Robert!

Marvel Treasury #23 - 1979

More great Conan by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, and Tony DeZuniga. I never thought DeZuniga was a good fit for Buscema. (Sorry, Tony)

Includes: the multi-part "A Witch Shall Be Born", a timeline of Conan's travels, some pin-ups, plus seven weeks of the Conan newspaper strip in full-color! Cool. Buscema inks himself on the strip. Double cool.

84 pages.

Rollover the image to see the most odd, disturbing back cover ever!

Marvel Treasury #24 - 1979

Hulk again!

Reprinted from Incredible Hulk #s 175-178, the stories include: "Man-Brute in the Hidden Land", "Crisis on Counter-Earth!" (where were DC's lawyers that month?), "Peril of the Plural Planet!", "Triumph on Terra Two." Art for all stories by Herb Trimpe.

Also included is an odd, all-new 6-page Hercules story by Jo Duffy and Ricardo Villamonte. What does this have to do with Hulk? Nothing. Well...they're both big strong guys. Yeah, that's it! (I get the feeling Marvel started burning off some old inventory in these treasuries.)

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #25 - 1980

How timely! As I write this, the 2006 Winter Games are taking place in Torino. Maybe the Hulk would be the right guy to straighten out those bad-mannered US speed skaters.

Anyway, this is an all-new, completely bonkers story by Bill Mantlo, Herb Trimpe, and Bruce Patterson. Spidey and Hulk take on the Moleman and a host of some other really lame-o villains. Herb and his life Linda make a cameo on page 23!

In addition, curiously the inside back cover eatures an ad for "Marvel Superheroes at the Summer Olympics." Back cover drawn by...Bill Sienkiewicz!

84 pages.

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This from Treasury Hunter Keith Richard: "The Marvel Summer Olympics book was slightly redrawn and rewritten and became the Contest of Champions mini-series after the boycott of the Olympics.

I owned a few pages from that series, in one page the heroes disappeared, in the published version, there was just an empty room where the heroes used to be, but under the white out on the original, you could see the olympic athletes where the heroes once were."


Marvel Treasury #26 - 1980

Another Hulk treasury, and another chance for Marvel to burn off some inventory.

Reprinting Incredible Hulk #s 167-170, the stories are: "To Destroy the Monster!", "The Hate of the Harpy!", "Disaster Eight Miles High", and "They Lurk in the Volcano." Features a couple of panels where Betty Ross is naked. Really. Art by the sturdy Herb Trimpe.

This issue also features an all-new Hercules and Wolverine (?) story, buy Jo Duffy, Ken Landgraf, and George Perez! Why did Marvel have two all-new Hercules stories in their inventory? Wad there a Hercules solo comic that got scrapped before it saw the first issue saw the light of day? Poor Herc.

84 pages.

Rollover the cover image to see a page of Ken Landgraf's original pencils from the Hercules vs. Wolverine story!

Marvel Treasury #27 - 1980

Marvel decided, why not combine both of our ersywhile TV stars in one book? So here we are--Spider-Man and the Hulk, again!

Stories include "A Friend in Need" (Spidey and Hulk), "The Tomorrow War", (Spidey and Ironman), "The Doomsday Gambit" pts 1&2 (Spidey and Human Torch, and Spidey and the Inhumans) , plus a pin-up preview(?) for...Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #2?

Reprinted from Marvel Team-Up #s 9-11, & 27.

Also features an all-new Angel story drawn by Brent Anderson(!).

84 pages.

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Marvel Treasury #28 - 1981

Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and the Hulk! The final Superman/Spider-man team-up, courtesy Marv Wolfman, Jim Shooter, John Buscema, and Joe Sinnott.

They take on Dr.Doom and the Parasite, and it features a fun Superman/Hulk fight that I could've read for twenty more pages. Wonder Woman also makes an appearance, making this book an even bigger crossover between the two universes. I've read before that "Big" John Buscema didn't enjoy drawing superheroes much, but you can't tell that here--his work is as dynamic as it ever was.

Even though it doesn't say it on the cover, this is the final issue of the title Marvel Treasury (*sniff*).

Nice cover by Bob Larkin.

68 pages.

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New! Below is the cover to the British version of this book, brought to my attention by Treasury Hunter Warren Bixby. Thanks Warren!

Sadly, this book is not treasury-sized--it measures just a hair over 8x11"--and it obviously features a different version of Bob Larkin's painted cover, drawn by the book's interior artists, John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

Other changes include the replacement of the back cover, an inside back cover sketch, and a DC house ad with ads for British releases, like an Escape From New York poster book (which does look really cool!) and a "007 James Bond Quartz Chronograph Watch." Tally-ho!

Click the images to see the original Marvel and DC ads for this book plus other treasury ads!

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