Jumbo Comics #s 1 - 8 - Fiction House - 1938

Just when I think I've discovered every little treasury-related piece of comics' history...

While doing an ebay search for anyone selling copies of the treasury-sized issues of Master Comics, I saw one described as "like the similarly-over-sized Jumbo Comics." Uh, what?

A quick visit to the Grand Comic Book Database (wonderfully useful site they got there) provided me with the info I needed. Yes, in fact, Fiction House published the appropriately-named Jumbo Comics in the tabloid-size (10.5x14.5") for its first eight issues!

I'm guessing, like Fawcett would discover with Master Comics, that it cost so much more to produce the magazine at that size, and since it probably wasn't generating any extra sales, FH decided to change the comic to the more standard-size with issue #9 (although they sort of did it grudgingly--#9 was, oddly, 8 1/2 x 11"(?), then with the next issue it shrunk down to "normal" comic size and stayed that way until its final issue, #167).

There isn't a lot of info on these books other than there were produced by feature editor Jerry Iger and the art director was some guy named Will Eisner. One thing we do know, was that it featured Eisner's Hawks of the Seas strip (which would later be collected in its own treasury many decades later), among lots of other features like Sheena of the Jungle and Spencer Steel. Each issue was 64 pages in black and white, and please don't hold #4's incredibly offensive racial stereotyping against it.

Like I've mentioned before, I've generally tried to obtain a copy of each and every treasury comic on this site; but for books like this that are incredibly rare and/or unfathomably expensive, I'm bending that rule (more of a guideline, really, as a great doctor once said) for the sake of completeness. I thank the GCBD for the use of the cover scans (not that I asked).


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