Master Comics #s 1 - 6 - 1940

So I was sitting back, enjoying a recently ebay-purchased copy of Amazing World of DC Comics #17, the Shazam! issue. Near the end of the article entitled "The Fawcett Family of Heroes", I came across this little tidbit: "Masterman appeared in the first issues of Master Comics, which were tabloid-sized."

Um, what?

A quick trip to the Grand Comic Book Database confirmed that, yes, indeed, the first issues of Fawcett's Master Comics were around 10x14"--making them the bona-fide treasury comics! As Fawcett's #1 meal-ticket would say, "Holy Moley!"

So, anyway, after a little research I found that these issues would be A)nearly impossible to find, and B)wildly expensive. #1 is currently lisiting in the guide for around $2,000.00, and that's in just Good condition. So I had to make a decision--whether to put a treasury comic(s) up here that I didn't yet--and in this case, probably never would--own.

I decided that this site being informational and complete as possible was more important than one of my silly, self-imposed guidelines, so here they are. I shamlessly cribbed these cover scans from the above-mentioned GCDB (hope they don't mind--no offense intended), and decided to put them all up on one page since I have so little info on each of them. Creatively, the only name I recognize on any of the features is Martin "Green Lantern" Nodell on #1's "Boy Newsreel Reporter" strip.

What I do know is that Fawcett's main superhero for this title, Master Man, was a little too like Superman for DC's taste, and they sued. After 6 issues, Fawcett shoved Master Man into comic book limbo and started work on their next DC lawsuit-bait, Captain Marvel.

As of the seventh issue, the comic went to standard format, so I guess Fawcett considered the treasury format no longer worth pursuing. Kids didn't buy it, even if it didn't cost any more than any other comic--as you can see, it went from 15 cents down to 10 with the fourth issue--what a bargain! What was wrong with these kids?? (Although, on second thought, a book that features a character named "Morton Murch, The Hillbilly Hero" maybe wasn't running on all cylinders, creatively)

I won't ever completely give up hope I'll possess at least one of these wonders, to get a first-hand look at them. They look like a lot of fun. If someone out there reading this has any one of them, in any condition, and is willing to trade, please email me immediately. I'd be happy to swap you one of my extra Barney Google Giant Comic Album for them, no problem...

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